Domestic Relations

The Domestic Relations Section is the agency in Venango County responsible for all matters involving the financial and medical support of children and / or spouses. It is a branch of the Venango County Court of Common Pleas under the direction of the Honorable President Judge Oliver J. Lobaugh.

This office does not handle issues involving custody or visitation.


The Domestic Relations Section of Venango County’s mission is to serve the public by providing child and spousal support services as authorized by law. 


  • We will establish, modify and enforce Orders for Support and provide support collection services for children and families in an effective and efficient manner making prudent use of public resources.
  • We will perform our duties with honor and professionalism and treat our clients and colleagues with dignity and respect.

Fee Schedule

Service Fee
Filing Appeal (Superior Court)
Contempt Petition
Processing a Demand $20.00
Processing an Exception $20.00
Filing Non-Support Complaint $65.50
Filing Petition for Modification $25.00
Lien Search $10.00
NSF $50.00
Paternity Test
$18.95 per person
Photocopying Records - Less than 10 Pages
$0.25 per page
Photocopying Records - After 10 Pages
$0.10 per page
Processing Fee for Bench Warrant Served $39.00 plus mileage (varies)